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Post  Hisame on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:44 pm

"My name is Takagi Shingo. And I am an addict"
The little group looks at each other wondering what this musclebound man could be addicted to...drinking? Smoking? Steroids? Kiss N Cry?
Shingo takes a deep breath and says

I was addicted. Blue juice.
Green juice. But Do not look green also.
Green juice. We also hooked my mother.
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Olympic Games kicks off in London, England on July 27! Kyoko Hamaguchi of Japan as a representative to participate in female wrestling 72 kg class is a senior who work up a sweat together in the dojo Hamaguchi. Fucked up strong at the age of 18, it may be in fact the sparring. In recognition of the world is a strong woman I Kyoko! We look forward to working Asakusa dojo Hamaguchi, on behalf of Japan. Wearing a T-shirt message of fighting spirit pervade Kyoko, I support you! I fired up! ! !
Saga of yesterday at the party after the convention. I received a necklace of handmade jewels have been friends from five years ago, from second grade elementary school girl. Is made ​​in the ruins as Yoshinogari. ~ I was a child around, too. Nostalgic feeling happy now. Thank you!

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paper tape really was amazing. Looks something like the soul that burns in red.

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