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Post  Hisame on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:44 pm

"My name is Takagi Shingo. And I am an addict"
The little group looks at each other wondering what this musclebound man could be addicted to...drinking? Smoking? Steroids? Kiss N Cry?
Shingo takes a deep breath and says

I was addicted. Blue juice.
Green juice. But Do not look green also.
Green juice. We also hooked my mother.

Olympic Games kicks off in London, England on July 27! Kyoko Hamaguchi of Japan as a representative to participate in female wrestling 72 kg class is a senior who work up a sweat together in the dojo Hamaguchi. Fucked up strong at the age of 18, it may be in fact the sparring. In recognition of the world is a strong woman I Kyoko! We look forward to working Asakusa dojo Hamaguchi, on behalf of Japan. Wearing a T-shirt message of fighting spirit pervade Kyoko, I support you! I fired up! ! !
Saga of yesterday at the party after the convention. I received a necklace of handmade jewels have been friends from five years ago, from second grade elementary school girl. Is made ​​in the ruins as Yoshinogari. ~ I was a child around, too. Nostalgic feeling happy now. Thank you!

paper tape really was amazing. Looks something like the soul that burns in red.

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