W*ING 2/9/92 Matsunaga's Dive!! Entire Show!

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W*ING 2/9/92 Matsunaga's Dive!! Entire Show! Empty W*ING 2/9/92 Matsunaga's Dive!! Entire Show!

Post  JacquesRougeau on Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:36 am

Hi all,

I don't know if you know me, but I have been collection puro DVDs forever. I have many suppliers from Japan and Ive found so many rare shows over the years. One Im really proud of is the following one:

Do you remember Matsunanaga's famous dive at Korakuen Hall? Only a small clip on a W*ING commercial release existed before. Well, today I offer you the entire show! Matsunaga's match truly rocks! Matsunaga teams up with Gypsy Joe against Mr. Pogo and Miguel Perez Jr.! I dont know why the match got never released because it's one of the best W*ING matches ever!

Here is the card:

W*ING 2/9/92 Tokyo Korakuen Hall, Hand-Held. (5$)


Wrestlers’ Intro

Ryo Miyake vs Hirofumi Miura

Iceman vs TNT

Kintaro Kanemura/Hiroshi Shimada vs Headhunters

Manami Toyota/Sakie Hasegawa vs Kyoko Inoue/Toshiya Yamada

d**k Murdoch vs Mitsuteru Tokuda

Street Fight Bunkhouse Death Match:
Mr. Pogo/Miguel Perez Jr vs Mitsuhiro Matsunaga/Gypsy Joe

If you want to see my entire puro list as I LOT to offer, pm me and I will send you my list by email. Smile



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