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Post  Hisame on Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:09 am

Atsushi Onita 11A_zpsedd8340b
There is a Guns N Roses tribute band on the show as well well as Kiss N Cry.

Atsushi Onita 1A_zps667fabbbAtsushi Onita 2A_zpsafb85f3aAtsushi Onita 3A_zps3308873a
My partner and team name
They appear to be attacking what looks like a picture of Tatsumi Fujinami.
Fujinami was wrestling when Pogo was a rookie and Onita was singing in the Nagasaki Philamonic Choir.

Atsushi Onita 4A_zpsb4bc759bAtsushi Onita 12A_zpsabb99854
Akebono selfish players
Atsushi Onita 2_zps09432474
Happy New Year
Thank you again this year
Anyone for an Onita calendar?
Rib fracture was also old wounds
Atsushi Onita 3_zps5e2ca631
Sadly this wasn't caused because he was in NOAH (yes you read that right, snotty NOAH let deathmatch sleaze like Onita in, and the picture is proof enough) and got a kicking from KENTA
I think it was caused in his feud with Tiger Mask
The game no contest
Kobayashi They've hit me in the chair broke
Kobayashi bad guy you most likely bad, too
No idea who this "Kobayashi" is, but it keeps cropping up.
Pro Wrestling “c m large thickness
Whole Lotta Wrestling 2012 YEAR END ~, I thank you! ~
Shinjuku FACE match starts at 7:00 on Friday afternoon, December 21
And there were some old friends\enemies\employees on the show
- Masato Tanaka (?)
- Special Referee: Megumi Kudo "Princess heresy"
- Raiden / Leather Face VS Miss Mongolia / Dump Matsumoto
- Hideki Hosaka
- Pogo going 3o mins in a chain death match
Game starts at 7:00 pm
Will be the wrong way with everyone
I probably hate
Atsushi Onita 6A_zps9b5198a4Atsushi Onita 5A_zps20bbae3c
Akebono players is it seems to have opened a steak house
And here is Onita enjoying steak at said house.

Atsushi Onita 7A_zps5ab44220
My brother was appointed professor today
I think that may be his mother - it looks feminine and he mentions her
Atsushi Onita 8A_zpsd80b17a4Atsushi Onita 10A_zps30e12d3a
Be the birth of the first ever professional wrestler helper 2 class?
Onita has been doing a nursing course, it seems to revolve around caring for the elderly and he has had to shampoo hair and change adult diapers.

Atsushi Onita 9A_zpsa69ed327
83-year-old grandpa I went visiting nursing
I have sent a daily painting
Its quite pretty, it made Grandpa smile (note, unless he became a grandpa at 30, he is not Onita's grandpa)
I remembered that when I become critically ill suddenly 10 years ago in nursing school
I view the experience at that time 70% probability of dying!
Reminds me of when Hepatitis almost killed him, I wonder if thats what he means, but I thought it was longer than 10 years ago.

Atsushi Onita 4_zps72045d13
There was a phone call from my mother
He doesnt elaborate on what she said but here he is as a baby with her (and he still looks the same!)

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Post  BAHU on Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:16 pm

Kuniaki Kobayashi is Kobayashi. He's a former New Japan Jr. Heavyweight from the 80's that would have matches with Tiger Mask. They were partners feuding with Onita and Yaguchi in Real Japan/Legend Pro-Wrestling. That's who is on the punching bag not Fujinami.

Masato Tanaka teamed with Onita and Yaguchi against Akebono, Sugawara, and Fujita at Onita's show back on December 21st. Megumi Kudo was the referee for the semi-main event match.

He injured his ribs back in May and reinjured them on that December 21st show by delivering a DDT to Akebono on a table and his ribs hitting the edge of the table.

You need to go back to my website one of these days. It keeps up with all this stuff.


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