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Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito)

Post  Hisame on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:34 am

We are training
Weather a bit cloudy is empty... In heat is hot venue

4/22/2012 In the Yokohama red brick warehouse Hall meeting
DVD & simultaneous Macbeth meeting Memorial, a t-shirt sale!
So tomorrow is big Japan Pro Wrestling and the red-brick tournament!
Come motherfucker

Thank you everyone who visit the Yokkaichi tournament yesterday.
Happens to be my birthday
Is now 37 years old, I feel want to spend a year be smiling young.

Kamiya-Kun is a D dash debut!
Wearing a dirty and crumpled T-shirt

Yamakawa Hiroshi came back together I do fine shops.
I got to eat the Saffron cod fish
Afterwards she went into Korea Town and as it was Ito's birthday they went to all you can eat

Sakura is beautiful, really enjoyed it.
"Sakura" is cherry blossom

You know you want one of those, I sure as hell do - they would look good next to my Living Dead Dolls for one...

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