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Post  Hisame on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:34 am

Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 1-188
We are training
Weather a bit cloudy is empty... In heat is hot venue
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 2-160
4/22/2012 In the Yokohama red brick warehouse Hall meeting
DVD & simultaneous Macbeth meeting Memorial, a t-shirt sale!
So tomorrow is big Japan Pro Wrestling and the red-brick tournament!
Come motherfucker
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 3-136
Thank you everyone who visit the Yokkaichi tournament yesterday.
Happens to be my birthday
Is now 37 years old, I feel want to spend a year be smiling young.
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 4-113
Kamiya-Kun is a D dash debut!
Wearing a dirty and crumpled T-shirt

Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 5-87
Yamakawa Hiroshi came back together I do fine shops.
I got to eat the Saffron cod fish
Afterwards she went into Korea Town and as it was Ito's birthday they went to all you can eat

Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 8-34
Sakura is beautiful, really enjoyed it.
"Sakura" is cherry blossom

Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 6-58
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Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 9-23Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 10-18
Lee Nikkan (Mrs. Ito) 11-15
You know you want one of those, I sure as hell do - they would look good next to my Living Dead Dolls for one...

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