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The Great Kojika

Post  Hisame on Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:01 pm

Before I begin this is to those c*n*s at the post office who wouldn't let me have my mail! All I can say is that when I do get my mail I will burnthe place down. I wasted £12 getting there and back! (That's $19!)

Ahem...Now on to Kojika
Their talk of baseball and former FMW hosaka players were on the side and adoring
All I know is that this was in Sapporo
Only until a few years ago heart smells of the sea
Everything was moving London Olympics closing ceremony
I personally didn't watch it, the dreaded words "Spice Girls" came up and I wanted to shoot something.

Kojika with a picture of himself (I think) when he was a young man and could take bumps.

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