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Post  Hisame on Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:23 am

Announcement blog pause
From what I can make out he has returned to Japan, but he has since turned (NOT FIGURATIVELY) into the Empress Elisabeth, he is now bored as he has travelled the world and is thinking of something to do - so once he has come up with this, he will post again.

7:00 am, looking for a taxi that will go to the village Igera as Malta.

Igera is about 60 km to the village of Valle Grande. However, it seems generally took nearly three hours for the unpaved road is.

Guevara are everywhere in a small village.

Full-length portrait Guevara that has been repainted several times. Now gold.

Guevara is captured in the Bolivian government troops, elementary school, which is housed. It is now a museum.

Photo of Guevara when caught, was taken to the elementary school.

Where it was actually shot. (In elementary school)

Boarded eight 7-passenger minivan. Moving in creaking leather is pretty tough. 120 kg body weight aunt likely sit next to me. In addition, I have taken the chicken. noisy chicken "Kekko, Kekko" making noise whenever the car is shaking. Moreover, I would do until shit. Smell .... Increasingly green and run for about one hour from the city. Cattle, horses, sheep, donkeys crossing the road as usual. 13 hours (4 hours and 30 minutes travel time) somehow arrived safely Valle Grande.

When I think on this, Guevara's body has been placed, I got that feeling ... indescribable.
Of a small Mexican restaurant for lunch.
Corona beer is delicious hot drink in the place!

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